Newborn Logbook


When a new baby comes to this world, parents’ life changes. I know that, as I’ve been there and done that. There are multiple things you need to remember and, quite honestly, sometimes you just can’t remember everything you did for your baby.

Newborn Logbook is an application created by a father of Mary Eve, who wanted to keep track of all the feeding times, diaper changes, sleep times and baths over the time.

It allows you to record, with just a few taps, the times of:

  • feeding (together with amount of milk drank)
  • sleep (you tap once when the baby [finally] fell asleep, then tap once when it’s back awake)
  • diaper changes (and you can select what kind of ‘contamination’ was in the diaper)
  • bath times

App is free and Ad-supported. Or you can show your great love to the developer and purchase a one-time-ever ad removal in-app purchase.

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