Klink Delivery

By admin, February 9, 2016

An app for adults that want to order alcohol from a network of stores in the US and have it delivered to their door within minutes. Payment is done within the app, all such individual needs to do is show their ID and pick up the booze.

When I was contacted by the client I was given a week to completely rewrite the networking code and redo the app layouts. The launch of a 2.0 version was planned for the date 8 days from then. 7 days later, after some serious work between the PHP developers upgrading the Magneto store, iOS developer (myself), the CTO of the company giving hints, the update was submitted to the App Store and got approved super fast.

Later I was asked to create a few white-label and branded versions of the app.



Key points:

  • Objecive C
  • Talking to the PHP-based API
  • Card Payments and Apple Pay within the app
  • Autolayout

What do you think?

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