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By admin, November 28, 2013

A mix of “floor-top” Balancing Moon wooden toy-game and a color-matching bubble game.

You drop wooden blocks of various sizes and colors on the wooden moon. If you connect 5 or more of the same color – they disappear giving you a massive points boost. If one falls on the floor however – game’s over.

Game’s developed with CoronaSDK and is available on iOS and Android platforms:

Balancing Moon 1.3

Rated 5 out of 5 by 10 users.
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Latest Release Notes:

* Fixed an issue when you could pause the game twice and then crash it (thanks for reporting!)
* Added Lunar Crystals - a powerful jewels you can use to save yourself or purchase great rewards
* Added push notifications
* Changed the background to match the night-sky colours


FREE to celebrate the LAUNCH in the AppStore! Get it now and start playing right away!
Exciting "floor game" we play with our kids now in your pocket!
Keep the balance of a wooden moon, while dropping wooden blocks on it. Sounds easy? It sure is.
With sky-high combo points multipliers, lots of combinations and special blocks, can you master the game and have the highest score?
Drop the selected block on the Moon surface. Try to match 5 blocks of the same color for extra points and to make them disappear. There are special blocks too: super-heavy ones, hardened ones, explosive ones!
* Universal app (buy once, play on iPhone, iPod and iPad).
* High-resolution retina graphics.
* Easy to pick up, harder to master, but the real challenge is to not drop the heaviest blocks.
* No boring storyline, just pure fun.
* Unique gameplay, mixing classic balance games with match-the-bubbles style.
* No ads to distract you from the game.

iPhone Screenshots:


iPad Screenshots:


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